Lens Design & Materials

Rose K Lens

Heralded as “a quantum leap forward in the evolution of lens design for the condition” of keratoconus the Rose K lens has become the world’s most frequently prescribed gas permeable contact lens for keratoconus.

Unlike traditional contact lenses, the complex geometry built into every Rose K contact lens closely mimics the cone like shape of the cornea, for every stage of the condition.

The result, a more comfortable fitting lens for patients and better sight (visual acuity).

The Rose K lenses complex geometry has only become possible since computer controlled contact lens lathes were developed to cut plastic to precisely the right shape.

The Rose K lens has a number of features that make it ideal for keratoconus:

  1. It’s complex geometry can be customized to suit each eye and can correct all of the myopia and astigmatism associated with Keratoconus
  2. They are easy to insert, remove and clean
  3. They provide excellent health to the eye, because they allow the cornea to “breathe” oxygen directly through the lens
  4. Practitioners have the Rose K trial set fitting system which achieves a first fit success in over 80% of patients internationally.


Quality Materials

The Rose K lens design is manufactured using Boston® materials from Polymer Technology Corporation in the USA.  Boston materials were chosen because of their excellent stability and surface characteristics achieved through the low silicon Aercor™ chemical architecture.