Unique Design

  • A completely customisable system to enable soft lens fitting and management of irregular corneas
  • Can be designed and manufactured with the aid of topography images

Fully Tailor-made

  • Periphery is configurable to suit the individual eye
  • Sector Management to fit even the most complex corneal distortions
  • Optional reverse geometry on steep peripheral fits
  • Tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual eye

Healthy & Comfortable

  • Easy to handle 74% water content Silicone Hydrogel material for increased oxygen permeability and comfort
  • Also available in 77% high water content Hydrogel for annual replacement option
  • Award-winning Wavefront optics to provide enhanced visual acuity


KeraSoft3 is produced in a naturally hydrophilic Silicone Hydrogel material which delivers greater comfort and longer wearing times.

KeraSoft®3 lenses are manufactured incorporating UltraVision’s unique Wavefront Technology which reduces the effects of higher order aberrations.

The unique front surface prismatic toric design reliably corrects high levels of astigmatism (up to -11.00DC) and also masks corneal distortion.

Kerasoft®3 is most suited for mild to moderate keratoconus.  For those patients with more advanced keratoconus or where the cone apex is severely displaced, especially in the case of a low cone, KeraSoft® IC is the recommended lens of choice.



KeraSoft®2 is an easy to fit, soft lens for keratoconus and post-graft fittings, providing vision comparable with that of rigid lenses, but with the comfort of soft lenses. 

Using patented aberration controls based on wavefront technology studies, this lens design delivers the following benefits:

Improved Comfort
Greater comfort than RGP lenses

Non-ionic water retentive material with U.V inhibitor

Good oxygen transmission, even in dry conditions


Stable on-eye parameters, providing consistent stable vision

Patented optics design provides clearer vision in all conditions

Enhanced contrast sensitivity, providing better vision in low-light situations

Reduced ‘drape’ effect providing clearer vision for distorted cornea, in both Keratoconus and Post-Graft cases.

Design provides a stable base f
or fitting and over-refraction, even with cylindrical powers as high as 11.00DC.