Professional fees vary with the nature of the clinical problem. Our staff will discuss with you estimated fees for initial and follow-up visits as well as billing procedures. It is customary to pay for services rendered at the time of your visit unless other arrangements have been made. Professional fees generally cover physician services only and do not include the cost of special diagnostic tests you may require. Charges for such tests are billed separately.

The Clinic accepts many types of health insurance. However, it is difficult for the Clinic to predict what, if any, insurance benefits will be paid by individual insurers. Since you are responsible for charges (deductible, coinsurance payments, etc.) not covered by the insurance company, we recommend you check with your employer or insurance agent regarding benefits. If you are a member of an TRICARE (American Military Personnel), you must receive prior authorization from International S.O.S (your insurer) before making an appointment at the Clinic in order to receive insurance coverage.