Serdar Özler Eye Clinic offers a full range of medical and surgical eye care and optical services to patients of all ages. Eye surgery of every type, from cataract extraction to removal of ocular and orbital tumors, is performed in the Clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities. The Clinic also provides the latest refractive surgery procedures to correct vision.

Serdar Özler Eye Clinic combines innovative accomplishments with clinical expertise in almost every eye disease and vision disorder. Serdar Özler Eye Clinic also provides patients safe, effective, state-of-the art treatments to revitalize, and renew an individuals appearance, eyesight and minimize the signs of aging with the highest standard of care.

The left side of the page contains a short list of eye treatments provided by the Clinic and includes a brief description of the treatment. To obtain information about a specific eye treatment, click on the appropriate entry.