Serdar Özler Eye Clinic offers a full range of medical and surgical eye care and optical services to patients of all ages. Eye surgery of every type, from cataract extraction to removal of ocular and orbital tumors, is performed in the Clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities. The Clinic also provides the latest refractive surgery procedures to correct vision.

Fully equipped, specially designed operating rooms are available for ophthalmic surgery of all types.

The ophthalmic surgery suite accommodates special instruments, such as operating microscopes with attached video cameras to record procedures, phacoemulsification units, comprehensive vitreoretinal surgery equipment, and endoscopic viewing systems. The surgical area has space and facilities for patient preparation, anesthesia induction, surgery, and immediate postoperative recovery, in addition to a variety of essential supporting activities.

Surgical Center provides immediate response to ophthalmic emergencies 24 hours a day for consultative, medical and surgical care involving both primary and secondary ocular repairs. The Center offers complete evaluation and treatment of the traumatically injured eye, including intraocular intervention through vitreoretinal and/or orbital and ophthalmic plastic surgery, anterior segment surgery and medical follow-up.

Patients are commonly referred to the Center for such ocular traumas as ruptured globe, intraocular foreign bodies, acute orbital hypertension, retinal detachment, chemical burns of the cornea and conjunctiva and acute vitreous hemorrhage. Primary surgical repairs are performed immediately for new trauma. Secondary repairs are usually scheduled. In many cases, treatment involves medical follow-up alone.